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An announcement was made by Blackberry, stating that they are creating a business unit that will hold technology assets. The business unit will come with their QNX mobile-connection software, Paratek antenna-technology assets, a portfolio of the company’s 44,000 patents, and Certicom cryptography applications. 

Brought onboard for the latest project is Ericsson’s former president of Mobile Platforms Division, Sandeep Chennakeshu to lead their Technology Solutions Division. This project is the smartphone maker’s latest effort to restore its brand and presence amongst mobile giants. This tool will focus on mobile-security technology for large enterprises and governments. Along with Paratek, Certicom, and QNX, Project Ion will play an important role in the business unit. Project Ion builds a platform to establish secure machine-to-machine communication, which is necessary for the constantly growing applications designed for the Internet of Things project, which includes online-enabled appliances. 

A combination of the company’s extensive portfolio of patents and assets within one unit will generate new revenue streams and operational synergies, while furthering their turnaround strategy. Over the past several years, BlackBerry has lost government and corporate clients to their rivals, as their new devices continued to come up short in the market. John Chen, BlackBerry’s Chief Executive plans to win those customers back with update software to handle company-issued devices’ security. The universal connection allows companies to use the technology with any mobile device, such as iPhones. 

BlackBerry has faith in its QNX software’s success to help turn the company around. Already, automakers are using the technology for drivers to communicate their mobile devices with the in-car multimedia systems. They also believe that their technology will play a major role in allowing people and businesses to connect with other machines, using mobile devices over the internet. As a bright sign for their future, BlackBerry saw the value of their shares rise by 1.6% last week, on the Toronto Stock Exchange.