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A new processing power era could be in the works from quantum computing, when you include ultra-cold temperatures and mind-bending physics. Everything from high finance to artificial intelligence is promised to be revolutionized by the new processing power.


Although quantum computing remains to be in its infancy stage, Google’s September announcement gave the technology a sizable boost. The announcement involved a partnership with experts from University of California Santa Barbara, with plans to create the quantum computing technology. Other partnerships for the project includes the Universities Space Research Association and NASA to create the technology. This creation could lead to the fastest supercomputer in the world.

The average computer uses binary codes (ones and zeros) to solve problems, with circuits that are either on or off. With a quantum computer, there are circuits that can exist during the same time at all possible states. This includes one and zero binary codes and anything in between. The quantum computer will also use quantum bits, which are also known as qubits. By being able to exist during various states, the quantum machine’s processing power is greatly increased.

At the moment, the fastest computer in the world resides in China. The computer is called Tianhe-2 supercomputer and has the ability to deliver approximately 34 quadrillion calculations every second. Experts have predicted that the quantum computer could easily surpass this speed. With the help from D-Wave Systems’ scientists, Quantum Artificial Intelligence team of Google has been working on the development of their quantum computer. Currently, D-Wave Systems owns the only quantum computer that is commercially viable. It is believed that financial services will experience the first major impact of quantum computing. At the moment, Wall Street has a large workload that needs to be optimized for portfolios and risk management. With quantum computing, this process will be handled much better.