By - - Comments Off on Google’s Chairman Counteracts Apple’s Claims

The chairman of the search giant says that Apple has it all wrong. Despite the claims that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has made, Eric Schmidt says that the safest site on the World Wide Web is Google. Schmidt went on to say that they continue to be a leader in encryption and security. He stated that no one is more encrypted or secure, including Apple. On the positive side, Schmidt did compliment Apple by saying that the mobile giant is catching up.

Last month, the CEO of Apple threw some “low blows” at Google. By being offered to the public for free, Cook stated that the real product is the user. He went on to mention that Apple doesn’t take advantage of an individual’s privacy to provide great customer experience.

After the statements were made on the latest privacy website of Apple, Google’s chairman fired back. Schmidt pointed out that Google continues to work very hard to protect the information of its users, from the government, hackers, and other companies. And with the options that they provide, a customer can alter their settings and provide less information.

Latest system was unveiled by Google, which allows individuals that use Gmail to completely encrypt their email. After the latest version of their operating system is released this fall, Android phones will automatically be encrypted like the iPhone. The encryption means that the law enforcement and governments will have a difficult time trying to view content that is stored on our phone and email.

During a time when hacking large corporations is becoming an on-going problem, Schmidt made it clear that Google has not experienced any significant data breaches. At the same time, Home Depot has recently made the news for security breaches and Apple was reported for a leak of celebrity nude photos.