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Do you remember the first time you made the transition to using your mobile phone for everything? Your mobile phone became your convenient phone book, GPS system, weather radar, and it even removed the need for a watch. With the numerous times you pick up your mobile phone to do everything else, why not just use it to keep track of time as well? In all honesty, most phones come with everything you would need from a wrist watch and more. You have the time, a stop watch, an alarm clock, and even a timer. And you never have to change your time, because the clock is set correctly on its own. When it comes time to change the clock for fall and spring, your mobile phone does it on its own. If you travel to a different time zone, your mobile phone automatically adjusts. With all of these perks, who would honestly want a watch?

Motorola has a plan to give you everything you love about the clock on your mobile phone and more, with their Moto 360 watch. The Moto 360 will come equipped with its on GPS. Instead of grasping your mobile phone the entire trip, trying to find the right way to your destination, all it will take is one turn of your wrist. Not only will the watch inform you of time remaining to your destination, it will also let you know what traffic is like ahead.  Having this smartwatch will also eliminate the hassle of constantly going into your phone. Most of our mobile phones require a password to access anything. At the same time, you may have 30 different apps downloaded onto your mobile phone. This means you have search for a specific app. With your watch, everything easily is accessible from your wrist. Now, you can live out your dreams of having a watch like Dick Tracey. The Moto 360 is expected to be released in September.