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When it was revealed that there was technology to print 3-D objects, consumers were amazed. Witnessing actual tools being produced, out of thin air and all technology is mind-boggling. Now, technology is going a step further and digitally producing prescription drugs. This type of technology is guaranteed to have all consumers in awe; especially those that prescribe to one or more drugs. 

The scientists believe the 3-D printer will produce a capsule that can be swallowed. This new technology could easily allow a doctor to adjust a patient’s dosage, based on their specific requirements. Louisiana Tech University researchers said they have a biodegradable material that can contain the prescribed drugs and chemotherapeutic compounds. Once the capsule is produced, the next step is to insert the medicine and seal the capsule. 

The new technology would eliminate the need for a pharmacist to wait for the delivery of a drug prescription. As long as the pharmacist has the drug in place, the prescription could be created within the drug store. At the same time, a drug could be tailored to each patient. Depending on a patient’s requirements, a drug could easily be strengthened or weakened.  

It is also believed that this technology could eliminate the need of surgery for certain procedures. Currently, an antibiotic implants requires surgery and is made with bone cement to eliminate the risk of an infection. Also, the bad cements are mainly used for anchoring joints, such as a knee or hip. They are non-biodegradable and requires a surgeon to mix them. This also means that the implant needs to be removed, after the operation is complete. It is possible that the antibiotic implants can have a bio-plastic coating, which the body is able to break down. This would mean that there is no need for additional surgery.