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It has been recognized by fans across the globe that tennis is an emotional sport and David Lauren, executive vice president of corporate communications, advertising, and marketing for Ralph Lauren is introducing clothing that will monitor your emotional reactions to the game. During the tennis Open, the ball boys are testing out a line of stylish nylon t-shirts that will have them wired. 

While everyone is introducing smart watches and other accessories, Ralph Lauren has decided to put their focus on cool apparel. As Lauren states, everyone lives in their clothing and it only makes sense to have clothing that can actually respond to who you are and what you do. The apparel is form-fitting, slick black athletic shirts with the trademark, Ralph Lauren logo plastered on the front. You will not be able to see the silver-coated, conductive thread, which is woven into the fiber. This is the first line of tech apparel that is offered by a mainstream label. 

Don’t expect this line of apparel to start up your vehicle, answer your smartphone, or find a date for the weekend. But it will be beneficial in monitoring your stress levels, heart rate, and breathing. The information that is collected will be displayed on your computer screen, a mobile app, or dashboard. You will have all the attributes of being monitored by a doctor, while still looking good. David Lauren promises that the technology will be refined and comfortable, while being applicable to your life. 

What is even more pleasing to consumers is that there no special disk or distracting wire, tube, or hardware. You simply put on a shirt, with no clunky accessories to strap on. Since fashion has yet to gravitate towards the advances of technology, this new apparel has become a step in the right direction.