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The Arizona Technology Council have a lot interest invested in the immigration reform, because they value the talented workforce that comes across the borders and they continue to be a leader in the many segments of technology. The immigration workforce has a major influence on other fields, outside of technology. Immigrants are able to fill the void for numerous jobs, from the jobs that Americans overlook to the sophisticated jobs for special fields. 

Arizona has the legislators in place to move the immigration reform in the right direction. The bipartisan Gang of Eight, which included Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain were key in creating the immigration reform package last year. The legislation included a critical piece, which addressed the H-1B visa. This visa allows companies to hire a foreign employee from other countries for a max of six years, which could eventually lead to the employee obtaining a green card. With a limited amount allowed on the H-1B Visas issued, there is always a short supply. If the measure passed with the Senate, there would have been a prevention for future backlogs of the applicants with oversubscribed countries and eliminating specific country caps. 

After hitting the White House, the legislation’s momentum died out. In the House, the members display their own views of the immigration reform. Many of the representatives simply view the reform as an additional way to say “amnesty”. The key reasons that the reform does not exist is that the people have their own ignorance and prejudices about what the immigrants have to offer. Majority of the lawmakers tend to represent individuals that are fearing that the United States is losing to immigrants that are overrunning the border. The final result equals to simply unfounded fear, which places all of the businesses at a standstill and hinders their opportunity to grow with dependable immigrants.