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In one way or another, technology is a key part in our everyday lives. Even when you need to know what the weather will be for the following day, it is the advance technology that lets us know when a storm will be coming and at what time. Technology such as weather forecasting are staples in our lives, but there are some new technologies that are attempting to make a bid in changing the way we live. Here is a list of the dominating technologies for 2014. 

Smart Watches

As the year is fast approaching its last month, the response to smart watches continues to grow. Worldwide, the smart watch is currently divided amongst consumers. While half of the economy is gravitating towards the new technology, the other half are still at a standstill. Part of this comes from the dependency on mobile devices and phones to deliver time, for the average consumer. There is some belief that a smart watch has no purpose. Even with that being said, Spain has witnessed a major jump with smart watches. Every seven out of ten people surveyed were supportive and excited about smart watches. 

Gaming Consoles

The sales for the PS4 and the Xbox One continues to grow. Part of Xbox One’s growth stems from Microsoft’s move to lower the price of the console. One of the initial issues that game players had with the Xbox One is that an internet connection was required, in order for the console to properly function. After rescinding the requirement, the problem was immediately erased and the sales continued to soar. The addition of a universal remote, better social game play, voice control, and a program guide will keep sales growing for some time to come, because the gaming systems is no longer used for just games. They have become tool for entertainment, period.