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The question has been floating around quite a bit, lately. Techs are constantly asking one another, what tech products would be most beneficial for senior citizens. Most of the elderly citizens are not hip to the advances of technology. It is a process that is almost impossible to break. At one time, there was a generation of senior citizens that couldn’t grasp the idea of a television. We fast forward and now struggle with looking at one another through our phones. 

Instead of attempting to force technology down their throats, it is much easier to pick out the products that are most beneficial and easiest to gravitate to (with your help, of course). Here are some tech products that focus on helping mature adults achieve three different health tasks: communicate, memorize, and move. 

Audio for Memory

Smartphones come with an audio recording program, which can be used to make notes and create lists. This eliminates trying to keep up with Post-It notes and random pieces of paper. When it comes time to schedule appointments, you can have your doctor record an audio reminder for your next visit. If you have the Evernote app, you can share the note with family members or a caregiver. 

Messaging for Communication

There new health apps coming along with secure-communication. This will improve the way that emergencies and health issues are handled. Instead of being bothered with trying to speak to a live person, you can send a message immediately for an immediate response. 

Activity Tracking for Moving Around

A new, advanced pedometer can now monitor your daily activities and track a number of different health habits, from exercising to sleeping. A new device called Fitbit and Basis allows you to easily share your sleep and activity goals, along with how well you are doing.