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Are you ready for something that may be difficult to understand? Well, introducing the creation of a wireless charger. Understand that this is not a charger that carries a certain amount of power and you can connect it to your phone or mobile device for a recharge. This latest invention from Physicist Hatem Zeine goes way beyond the norm. Instead of charging up a portable device and connecting it to your phone when you need it, this device actually transports energy to your phone wirelessly. You never have to connect the device to your phone. The device will deliver electrical power to your mobile device with no line needed, up to 30 feet away. It is said that the wireless transferring of power will not interfere with any other devices. It is predicted that the price for the system will not be too much more than the price of a Wi-Fi router, which will be an amazing advance opportunity for most consumers. 

At the 2013 Tech Crunch Disrupt, Zeine revealed his Cota wireless powered transmission system. Using phased, steered array microwave antennas with time-reversal properties from electromagnetic radiation, the Cota technology focuses on several watts of power within a wireless receiver. At the same time, it prevents the radiation from hitting any obstacles, which produces a safe charging system. Only one microwave transmitter is used by the Cota, which operates in either 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz of industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) bands, which also uses Wi-Fi routers. 

It is predicted that the system will be available in 2015. With this latest discovery of the Cota system being able to recharge and directly power a portable device creates unlimited opportunities. Once the Cota system becomes the norm for everyday use in offices, stores, restaurants, planes, cars, and trains, the convenience and reliability for portable connectivity will extend way beyond our current state of affairs.