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One thing you can guarantee with technology is that you will always be surprised. The latest eye-catching product is a reversible USB, which is called the USB Type-C. Their goal in this design is to solve mistakenly putting the plug in the wrong way and being able to use either end. This means you will be able to insert the plug upside down and it will still fit. It will carry a similar attribute to the Apple Lighting connector. At the same time, the USB will work with small mobile devices and be strong enough for tablets and laptops. 

With this amazing feat, the interest for USB Type-C has gone global and cross-industry. There have been representatives from automotive, mobile, and PC industries wanting first dibs on the unique connector. The specification comes from a culmination of cooperative, extensive effort among the industry leaders wanting a standardized USB connector for the next generation with a robust, long-lasting solution. The USB will be comparable with the USB Type-B 2.0 connectors, while being compatible with the SuperSpeed USB that has 10Gbps (USB 3.1). The reversible USB will also be able to handle up to 100W USB Power, with support for future performance needs and scalable power charge. 

The downside to this latest phenomenon is that the reversible USB will not be compatible with any existing USB receptacles and plugs. The industries’ transition may be slow, so the port for the USB Type-C will have to coexist with the other USB ports that are already on devices. The updated adapters and cables will be available for consumers that want to use the reversible connector with any existing tech. With so much to gain from this new USB, all devices that include a USB port will be updated and eventually make all previous USBs obsolete in the near future.