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Some people have reason to believe that the technology industry is no longer an industry just to itself. The technology market is reshaping the market of nearly every industry in dramatic ways. Normally, technology is viewed as being a set of markets or an industry. The technology also plays the role of a catalyst that enables and disrupts massive change within the other industries. 

In the end, they are just labels that occurs in almost every industry with gross oversimplifications for remarkable transformations. Banking, food, retail, transportation, real estate, pharmaceuticals, media, energy, entertainment – wherever you look, the competitive landscape is being completely altered by technology. This means that all of the previous boundaries that once existed no long exists. Even the label and characterizations that were used for many years can no longer be applied. 

The low-tech industries are be changed at a quick pace by individuals that would normally be called investors, executives, and high-tech companies, which appears to be constantly accelerating. It is as if, the technology has a mutation ability to modify timeworn industries into more exciting and new business models. New growth is being sparked within innovative companies that have proprietary competitive advantages, while generating alarming profits for what was only commodity industries at one time. 

As innovation continues to transition, the common wisdom of markets, investing, and management are becoming obsolete in real time. At the same time, the transformation has altered the way that capital is invested. It also changes the way that people think of business. The way that we manage and operate our companies are being changed as well, because the investors, executives, and entrepreneurs are crossing boundaries using ways that people have never seen before. A great example is the Uber transportation service, which has turned the age-old, boring public transportation industry upon its ear.