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Are you fed up with the growing list of passwords? Every time you shop online or simply want to view items on a website, it seems as if they want your information and you are stuck with a password that you have to remember. What is even worst is when you have to remember a password that you wasn’t allowed to create. You know the scenario. You know what you want the password to be, so you it is easy for you to remember. But when you enter your password, they won’t accept it. In their eyes, the password you entered is not difficult enough to prevent someone from easily determining your password. But what good is the password, if you won’t even remember it yourself?

To counteract this craze on passwords and the aftermath of having to enter 10 characters with at least one uppercase letter and one number, you can simply store all of your passwords into an application. So whenever you decide to return to a specific site, you can simply browse through your endless list of passwords to find the right one. There are several password manager apps available on the market, but there are a few that stood out from the rest. 


The first to be mentioned is a multiplatform app, called 1Password. This app offers online syncing through Dropbox. You can also sync your information to your PC or Mac. Syncing with your computer is an option, if you don’t care to transfer information through an online cloud.


This password manager is also a multiplatform application. With the LastPass, you can store your passwords on multiple devices. There is also a guide for recovering your information, if you were to lose your mobile device or have it stolen. 


This password manager application allows you to import your passwords from the Internet Explorer or any web browser that you may use into your application. The plus with Dashlane is that you will receive an alert, if the site that you have an account with has been breached.