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With all of the services that Yahoo offers, they have struggled to become a top site for online shopping. A large number of people do use Yahoo to buy and sell items, but nowhere near as some other sites. Yahoo has normally been the site that people try, when all the rest fail. Especially around the holidays, when items are selling fast and you have to try every outlet that is available to you. Although it may not be number one, Yahoo continues to make efforts to increase its position in the world of online shopping. 

Recently, Yahoo as completely revamped their online store with a new look and a number of new features to attract merchants and consumers. The latest attempt is Yahoo Stores, which promises to simplify the process in starting your own online business for entrepreneurs. According to the Head of Yahoo Small Business, Amit Kumar, Yahoo Stores is a creation from all of the Yahoo shopping sites that came before it. Yahoo promises to extract everything they have learned over the past 16 years and blend it into their Yahoo Stores project, which will give merchants a streamlined, more powerful way to make their business ideas a reality. 

Yahoo Stores will include the SEO technology that is used throughout their various pages. This technology will focus on descriptions and keywords, which will help increase the awareness of stores on Yahoo searches. As the methods that consumers use to make payments continue to change, Yahoo has made the necessary changes by adding a new payment processing service. The service is automatically Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. The Yahoo Stores will also offer Live Web Insights to Stores owners with on-the-go site management, obtaining real-time analytics, and mobile reports. The Yahoo Stores are immediately available for entrepreneurs to experience the new addition to the Yahoo brand.